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I Love This painting I saw it at Prescott in Ian Russell Gallery Of Fine Art I love the art work David Lozeau did!

Screaming Eagles

A ragtag group of US Airborne soldiers huddle behind enemy lines in an attempt to secure a WWII war-torn city. Painting Process The 48 x 24 canvas was layered with alternating orange and blue acrylics


Personal work by Nivanh Chanthara. (via ArtStation - Personal work, Nivanh Chanthara)

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Modern armor of Janheim Souza, only painted Scarlet, as he is referred to as the Scarlet Knight.

NOVA, Piotr Nasirau on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/nova-5077e18d-be40-4247-97fc-deb088534e46

NOVA 2 designed by Piotr Nasirau - posted under Digital Art tagged with: Character, Games, Sci-Fi by Fribly Editorial

swordreign:  Conquest of Mythodea | Patrick Wichert

I think if I can manage, I will have a villain whose just an armored man in dar k ghostly armor and it& empty. He rides a black horse and is living, but only eyes glow behind its helmet.

neo japan 2202 - Google Search

Private security contractor by Nivanh Chanthara. (via Private security contractor. by NivanhChanthara - Nivanh Chanthara - CGHUB)

Space Wolf Knight Titan

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