Spanish fashion court dress, Farthingale, Millstone collar, ruff, 16th centuries costumes

History of costumes in chronological development. Edited and published by Kaspar Braun & Friedrich Schneider in Munich.

Medieval German and English costumes 14th century

English and German medieval clothing. Castle woman, knight in hunting dress, Nobleman, English noblewomen, English princess. English prince and Page.

German medieval clothing in the 14th century

century clothing of German nobility. German Lord, noblewoman and knight. Damsel and patricians fashion.

1400's fashion - Mademoiselle des Ursins: daughter of the prevost of Paris (1409-1467) - print is from 1837

fashion - Mademoiselle des of chancelier Guilaume Ursins+ daughter of the prevost of Paris -⬇ Jean I.Jouvenel des Ursins & Michele Vitry/print is from 1837