Turn a men's button-up dress shirt into a fitted women's vest. Love this transformation! And just think of all the funky prints you could find to make these!

Vest Out of Old Jeans DIY - Clever Refashion Minus the Bow!

Waistcoat Out of Old Jeans - DIY

Блузка из рубашки (Diy) / Рубашки / Своими руками - выкройки, переделка одежды, декор интерьера своими руками - от ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА


Blouse of the shirt (Diy) & shirts & The hands - patterns, alteration of clothing, interior decoration with your own hands - on Second Street

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Turn Your Old Shirt into a Fancy Looking Apron - DIY

DIY T Shirt Peplum Top Day Interesting way of remodeling men button up into woman button up peplum top project. Different DIY T Shirt project each day.

Cardigan Out of an Old Shirt – DIY

Cardigan Out of an Old Shirt - DIY