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Redwall Abbey - orchards, berry hedges, beehives, veggie garden, flower garden, pond for fresh fish, old oaks... a feast ready for the picking!

An arial view of Redwall Abbey, as I picture it. The scanner cut off the top & bottom, so a little detail is missing. Eventually I'm going to cg thi.

Floorplan of a merchant's haall & home ("Merchants's Hall" by Stormcrow135)

One of a series of Maps that i have done for my Portfolio. Fantasy cartography is great, and i enjoy doing it on commission whenever i can. For DnD: As . DnD Map: The Templar Hill Fort

The Frozen Mansion by on @DeviantArt

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the_observatory_by_hero339-d5om1x4.jpg (2000×3391)

The Observatory was once the hideout of an evil necromancer Filge in the Age of Worms campaign I'm running with using the Pathfinder rules. The Observatory

Shadowlight City Map by on @deviantART

This started life as a pencil drawing on paper. Then got scanned and beaten up in PS before landing here. It all started over on the Cartographers Guild with a thread where I was trying out .

Blackcliff Military Academy for An Ember in the Ashes by Sahar Tahir

Mapping Blackcliff Academy for An Ember in the Ashes

Mapping Blackcliff Academy for An Ember in the Ashes - Fantastic Maps

Mistwood by Brian-van-Hunsel on DeviantArt

Village of Mistwood Wooden Walled farmland forest hills Coloured version of the map I did for the DCC Adventure "Trolls of Mistwood" by *DavidWFisher B/W version here:

The Feral Dog (day) by on @DeviantArt

This rough-and-tumble bar features knife fights, dog fights and heavy drinking for the entertainment of the miners of Diamond Lake. This map is a redesi. The Feral Dog (day)