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Warhammer - Grey Knight VS Greater Daemon by Bradwhitlam

theverybestofhero: warhammer-fan-art: by bradwhitlam That daemon prince bout to fuck up that librarian.

Now this is just awesome

Space Marines : Grey Knights - Exhibition of miniatures painted by other artists…

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Tyrus is a Witch Hunter of the Ordo Hereticus and a staunch follower of the Monodominant philosophy of the Inquisition - a bombastic man whose bloody purges have left thousands of heretics dead in his wake. Suspicious of all psykers, even those supposedly cleared by the Inquisition, it is Tyrus'’ creed to hunt down and exterminate every witch, mutant and warlock in the galaxy (including alien psykers). If, along the way, this means eradicating those who would seek to protect such…