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Love ancient Egyptian artwork...It is said that Egyptian doctors, before operating, wacked the patient on the head with a wooden mallet. Ouch.

It is said that Egyptian doctors, before operating, whacked the patient on the head with a wooden mallet.

The Bastet clan of Africa is a mixture of various feline shapeshifters who have been vying for territory with the Thos pack of Jackals in Northern Africa and the Middle East for centuries. It is a shock to other free packs that their never-ending battle hasn't alerted the covens in the area. The alpha is Kamara. (artwork by Alexandra Khitrova)

Fantasy Illustrations by Alexandra Khitrova. Reminds me of Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess with a lioness head. Sekhmet was a warrior goddess, and fiercely protected the pharaoh.

Bastet by REYKAT.deviantart.com on @deviantART

The Egyptian goddess Bastet is one of the earlier deities of the Nile region, and the daughter of Ra, the sun god. She was the goddess of fire, cats, of the home and pregnant women.

Egyptian goddess Bastet

Bast, goddess of protection and pleasure, health and magic, daughter of Ra and her mother Mihos. She is said to protect the household and bring health, the guardian saint of firefighers. Also call Bastet and Basthet and known as the 'Cat Goddess'.

✯ Goddess Bast Jar - Egyptian✯ (would like to make this from clay or Alabaster)

✯ Goddess Bast Jar - Egyptian✯ Egyptian Canopic Jar featuring Bastet - Bast - and Egyptian Art from 13 Moons