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He’d be extremely confused, and you’d say that you were frustrated at (choose something). Then he’d bring you to a meadow with bees and wildflowers.

I would pay very good money to see that.

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Meanwhile the DW fandom is setting up working lights at the doors, and looking through the room for a very different type of Angel.<---and the Sherlock fandom tries to figure out what's going on with the lights<---THIS!

lol!! the one time Cas responded normally to something.

''The one time Cas had the normal reaction to something.'' Oh, Cas! :) >> I loved this scene!

"So, the dominance card. What are we Cas, 12?"

Already stole this. 😂😂 well I don't actually steal the ideas I tell my friends about the imagine and I state that in the top of the x reader or in the description.

'He who hesitates will be lost' -series of unfortunate events 'he who hesitates. disintegrates' -castiel angel of the lord XD <<< actually that is lucifer in season 11 episode 18

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"Wait Cas hold up." "Yes Angelina?" "Fixing your tie, hold still.

Umm hella yes #deanwinchester #sexy #spn #supernatural

((Open RP, be Dean)) I open my eyes slowly and rub them till I can only see swirls and colors. I turn on my other side and Dean's lying there.

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I flinched and spun around glaring at Dean, "Dean Winchester!" I got closer to him, "Touch my butt again and I'll-" he interrupted, "You'll what?" I got dangerously close and whispered in my ear, "You won't like being under me." I pulled back still flowering at him and he backed down.

Dirty Supernatural Imagines: imagine having to act like deans gf and him getting handsy