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Composite bouquets are the perfect option for brides who desire a vintage-style bouquet. Several flower blooms or even just a few petals are used to create beautiful, composite bouquets that are eye-catching going down the aisle and will look classic in photographs years to come. Flower featured: green cymbidium orchids — Photo Courtesy HotHouse Design Studio in Birmingham, AL

A Glamelia is a composite bouquet that was pretty popular in the and It is a floral arrangement, using green cymbidium orchids, that is assembled to resemble a giant flower.

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'glamelia' or 'composite' bouquet - "A composite wedding bouquet resembles a giant flower, but is created by painstakingly assembling the petals from many flowers with florist’s glue. In many cases, one real blossom forms the center of the bouquet. The effect takes great skill to achieve, but the results are stunning."

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We are so in love with Glamelias! What is a Glamelia, you ask? A Glamelia is a composite wedding bouquet that resembles 1 giant flower.