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V-22 Osprey carrying a Humvee

On April 2000 a Osprey crashed during a rescue simulation. It was descending faster than normal and then stalled. The hard impact and explosion killed all 19 men.

Convair B-36J Peacemaker

View of pusher props and jet engines on the the last produced. - Photo taken at Tucson - Davis-Monthan AFB (Municipal) (DMA / KDMA) in Arizona, USA on November

Bell-Boeing CV-22B Osprey - USA - Air Force | Aviation Photo #3903405 | Airliners.net

Second flight arrival of these "flying frogs" on Lajes! - Photo taken at Lajes (Terceira Island - Lajes) (TER / LPLA) in Azores, Portugal on October

Half Tracks / Aerial Vehicles A pair of U.S. Marine Corps Bell Boeing MV-22B Ospreys from the VMM-363 “Red Lions” at Devils Tower, Wyoming.

A pair of U. Marine Corps Bell Boeing Ospreys of the “Red Lions” at Devils Tower, Wyoming. This photo by Ted Carlson was an honorable mention in the 2013 Vertical Photo Contest. by kristy

"The tiltrotor technology that makes it possible, combing the vertical liftoff, landing and hover capability of a helicopter with an airplane's speed and long range, first appeared more than a half-century ago. But it took decades, billions of dollars in research and testing, and the lives of more than two dozen killed in early crashes to iron out the considerable kinks in the unique aircraft. "

Blending the best of helicopters and airplanes, the MV-22 Osprey tiltrotor shows its stuff during Marine Week in


AH 64 Apache doing a flip, which is no easy task for a helicopter. When they are flying normally the blades bend skyward, well upside the blades are still facing skyward. So it just chops its own rear end off and spins out.