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#Reign 2x19 "Abandoned" - Queen Catherine

Catherine de Medici's outfits are not so glamorous of those of Mary and her ladies, but they are regal, perfectly fitting her station. Still from "Abandoned".

Queen Catherine de Medici (Megan Follows) - Reign (serie-2013) | female character inspiration | queen | writing | filmmaking | screenwriting | story

Inés de Aguilar, Queen Consort of Iberia and mother of Princess Juanita


Reign Season, Season 2, Mary Stuart, Classic Dresses, Queen Mary, Black White, Costume, Thalia, Knights

Toby Regbo from Reign With his fair face and hair how can you not help but love him

Toby Regbo from Reign. If a Disney prince were a real person, he would be this guy.

#Reign #bestnewshowontv

the most horribly, beautifully costumed period drama out there. The costumes are lovely but reflect a level of historical inaccuracy usually only seen in middle school plays. Hell, even middle school does it better.