THIRUTHANKAAL This is one of the  Srivaishnava  divya desams in  Tamilnadu  between Sivakasi and Virudanagar.  The wonderful  temple is  located  on a hillock in a serene atmosphere .  As per the l…

THIRUTHANKAAL This is one of the Srivaishnava divya desams in Tamilnadu between Sivakasi and Virudanagar. The wonderful temple is located on a hillock in a serene atmosphere .


June, Gurgaon Krishna’s lotus feet Last few weeks one term that I have been constantly reading is Krishna’s and Guru’s lotus feet.

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Mahabharatham - The Great Indian Epic. the dance of little Krishna on d head of the Naag Kaliya

"Visvanatha Cakravarti gives this description of the cows of Vrindavana. Krishna knew every cow by name. If any cow was missing Krishna would immediately chase after the missing cow and call her by name.