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U can tell I have a proble I LOVE DEATH THE KID

I love Death the Kid

Death the Kid, reaper outfit; Soul Eater

Soul Eater ~~ He looks like us when we can't find a street address :: Death the Kid

cute america and england in the snow!

cute america and england in the snow!<<< the end is quite suggestive. <<< its kawaii that is what it is suggesting<< But look! It's so freaking adorable!

I know i do! He is my bae <3

Soul Eater Death The Kid THE TRUTH HAS BEEN REVEALED HOWEVER. i wish they were all real except asura ,and the clown,and mosquito man,and chainsaw dude and Medusa and Arachnae. i dont like them im glad they die

Kid in kitten ears!!!!!!!☺️ he look symmetrical to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^

Kid in kitten ears!☺️ he look symmetrical to me!^^<<<<< don't be ridiculous, my ears aren't, and there are those damn stripes that still aren't symmetrical!

Ich verstehe zwar kein Wort aber man kann sich so einiges denken  kakashi ist einfach der beste

(Fan translate, i just like 2 call it that way) It just pinchy-pinchy my heart when Minato's face, well not the whole face, but still shows.

Ich denke crona ist ein Mädchen (Favorite Meme Life)

The top one is Crona's sex so it's what he biologically is. Gender is what YOU process as. Crona has never clarified for us so yes it is unknown. Either way Crona is still my favorite. Right above Kid.