What an amazing wave. It has to be Teahupoo. The surfer must have eatten it, big…

Shark week

Maybe in book two, when she goes back to Aussie she designs a line of surf equipment featuring sharks with profits going to help in their conversation.

When you face hardships in Life, these people with disabilities can be your role model. Inspiring you to live a tough life with smile, positivity and optimism. A must read for all

Soul Surfer: Bethany Hamilton is amazing. At the age of she survived a shark attack in which she lost her left arm. She was able to overcome the serious and debilitating injury and made an amazing comeback to her dream of professional surfing.

surfsouthafrica: “ Just throwing buckets… Photo: Lieber Films ”

surfsouthafrica: “ Just throwing buckets… Photo: Lieber Films ”

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You've made my life complete right now the way we are. Of course I always want more. But I am patient because how you feel and what you think are the most important things in the world to me. I am currently happy and grateful for what I have with you