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Svipdagr (Old Norse "sudden day") is the hero of the two Old Norse Eddaic poems Grógaldr and Fjölsvinnsmál, which are contained within the body of one work; Svipdagsmál. Svipdagr is set a task by his stepmother, to meet the goddess Menglöð, who is his "fated bride." In order to accomplish this seemingly impossible task, he summons by necromancy the shade of his dead mother, Gróa, a völva who also appears in the Prose Edda, to cast nine spells for him. This she does.

Svipdagr e lo Svipdagsmál

John Bauer - Freyja and Svipdagr (from "Our Father's Godsaga" by Viktor Rydberg)

Odin and Frigg

Odin and Brunhild by K. Dielitz yes, she was real. She was a valkrie sheild maiden and my grandmother about 45 times ago


Arthur Rackham:Brunhilde, illustration from The Rhinegold and the Valkyrie by Richard Wagner, 1910

Frigg Norse goddess of wisdom wife of Odin by YANKA-arts-n-crafts.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Beautiful pyrography artwork depicting Frigg, Norse goddess of wisdom and foreknowledge, wife of Odin and mother of Baldr with three sacred birds (hawk,. Frigg Norse goddess of wisdom wife of Odin

In Norse mythology, the Wave Maidens (also known as the Billow Maidens) are the nine daughters of Rán and Ægir, the Goddess and god of the sea... They were portrayed as beautiful maidens dressed in white robes and veils and always helped their father, brew the beer for the gods.  Their names are poetic terms for the many different characteristics of the ocean waves.

In Norse mythology, Aegir is actually the God of the sea. It is believed that he has the control of the storms and turbulent seas. He is also known as the God of beer and brewing.

In Scandinavian Mythology the Goddess of Love Marriage and the Dead Giclee Print…

In Scandinavian Mythology the Goddess of Love Marriage and the Dead

) OP: "Freya::: Norse Goddess of love, fertility and battle. The dead who do not go to Valhalla, are taken with Freya (Freyja)"