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Villevalde Bogdan - Feat cavalry regiment in the battle of Austerlitz in 1805. 900 Classic russian paintings

Bogdan Willewalde - Czar's Guard Capture Line Regiment's Standard at Austerlitz. oil painting, Line Regiment of Napolean's army)

Russian Cuirassiers attacking a french infantry square.

Battle of Borodino, 7 September 1812 - Attack by the Novgorod Cuirassiers against a French Square, by Aleksandr Yezhov.

Kellerman's Charge at Marengo-Keith Rocco.  We see depicted in this painting the crushing cavalry charge by General Kellermann's 400 horsemen into the flank of the column of Austrian infantry. The attack which completely caught the Austrians by surprise, came just after they had received infantry fire at point blank range from the 9th Demi-Brigade of light infantry and three rounds of canister from the guns of Marmont.

Kellerman's Charge at Marengo-Keith Rocco. We see depicted in this painting the…

Décor, détail pour le cabaret le Chat Noir(1884), Adolphe Willette - Musée de Montmartre, Paris XVIIIe

Montmartre Paris, Pierrot, Derriere, Ciel, Le Cabaret, Adolphe, Artwork, Lightbox, Gun

Afbeelding van http://hoynck-van-papendrecht.nl/wp-content/uploads/berezina-assen.jpg.

Afbeelding van http://hoynck-van-papendrecht.nl/wp-content/uploads/berezina-assen.jpg.

Austrian infantry engaging Vistula Legions, Battle of Raszyn- by Telenik

THE AUSTRIAN ARMY ". the Austrian army . carried most of the burden of the war on land. Though repeatedly defeated, it always rose again.

The French Infantry break through the gates of Hougoumont at the Battle of Waterloo 1815

The Great Gate of Hougoumont by Keith Rocco. - Cranston Fine Arts Aviation, Military and Naval Art

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"Bavarian troops take a Russian battery, Borodino", Aleksandr Yezhov

kutuzov borodino - Cerca con Google

French dragoons (left) and Polish uhlans (top right) vs Russian infantry (bottom right).