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Footman livery from 1829 for the Lord Ashburnham. Ornate livery went out of fashion by the middle of the century. The Victorian era ushered in the dark, staid colors associated with that era.

Livery of a footman of the Princes Schwarzenberg, Schloss Schönbrunn, Vienna

Livery of a footman of the Princes Schwarzenberg, Schloss Schönbrunn, Vienna

DRESS COAT BEARING THE LIVERY OF THE KING OF FRANCE Circa1785 Dark blue wool fabric, red wool twill lining, linen oilcloth, braid, silk & linen trim. Palais Galliera, musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris

Dress coat bearing the livery of the King of France, circa 1785

Image for A day in the life of a Regency servant

A Day in the Life of a Regency lady, Regency Life: 3 Lives in 1 Day - BBC Two

Occupation. Textile workers. Working women of the Civil War era, unusually short skirts.

Two Woman Weavers, 1860 (Merrimack Valley Textile Museum). Drawing In Illustration from A History of Wonderful Inventions (New York: Harper, n.

The Royal Wedding

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Kurta, 1st Duke of York's Own Lancers (Skinner's Horse), 1902-1914

“ · Full dress kurta, Duke of York’s Own Lancers (Skinner’s Horse), The distinctive full-dress kurta (long coat) was worn by both British and Indian officers of Skinner’s Horse.

Beau Brummel, a renowned dandy who once famously disparaged the Prince Regent over his rather ‘too-full’ figure, was generally acknowledged as encouraging his followers to a daily bathing regime and other practices of cleanliness.

Dandy fashion, 1831 France, Journal des Dames et des Modes -- Oh, those wacky…