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I really cannot say how much I love how the fandom has developed Italy. This isn't This is Italian Unification Wars Italy.

Holy damn, Keith O-O

I have a headcanon Keith actually likes spooning. in fact he likes little spoon. He gets horrible nightmares and knowing he's got his boyfriend protecting him, makes him calm down.

I relate to this on a spiritual level.

Pidge is so short.so of course at one point in time Pidge demanded to be hoisted up on Lance's shoulders and was truly amazed!

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - Japan (日本)

Axis Powers: Hetalia, Japan being majestic.

Nekotalia! Italy and Germany

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - Nekotalia & Germany x Italy (GerIta)

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Hetalia Revolutionary War: The blood that build me is the blood that I shed for you every year - England

Fan Art of Gerita love! for fans of Hetalia-Gerita.

Gerita <--- Japan ships it.<----Japan might be the biggest shipper<---will we all look at how close their faces are and the look on Italy's face?

hetalia italia mafioso - Cerca con Google

Yoooooooooo, this is some nice fanart!

Feliciano and Lovino - Art by Miya (Izumi369)

Feliciano and Lovino - Art by Miya ~ North and South Italy

North Italy or Seborga?  << I'm almost positive its Italy, Seborga has a kinda angular shape to his curl

North Italy or Seborga?<<North Italy Seborga has green eyes