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Reminds me of the day my priest was lost in the Withered Lands zone in Everquest II...darkface:Executor by *MachiavelliCro

a dravener: a type of demon that can cause death just by looking at someone/creature. They have the ability of mind control, and can make someone go completely mad. They can shapeshift into a crow/raven. And are known for there rituals which involve human


Similar to the sketch I subconsciously did any time someone was going to die in my fam:

Dark Lion Concept Art by SID75 on deviantART

Dark Lion Concept Art by on DeviantArt. This humanoid NPC appears to be a cleric.

Bayek & Senu Concept

Assassin's Creed Origins art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

Illianda Elahin, mage (mainly the mind and spirit lores) from Horn, coming out of a gate to the Second world that she opened in the Moonsilver mountains.

Throne of Glass by Fetsch. I love this. Her outfit is perfect. As is the rest of her. Almost exactly how I pictured her. [for those of you who don't know; Throne of Glass is the first book in a series by Sarah J. It's amazing.

black cloaked bird figure | Spunti di riflessione: il coraggio è vivere senza tirarsi indietro

DreamsCloud online reflections and journal will help interpret your dreams about death. Let us provide meaning to your dreams about death.

Chi sono gli «angeli ribelli» che Dio ha messo in catene? La seconda lettera di san Pietro e la lettera di Giuda fanno riferimento agli stessi angeli? http://www.aleteia.org/it/religione/contenuti-aggregati/angeli-ribelli-catene-tartaro-dio-lettera-pietro-giuda-5815632587128832

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