Request 8. Wearable Purple by *hedwyg23 on deviantART

I've always heard that purple eyeliner is good for brown eyes. I love this! Sometime I'm going to try this.I have purple eyeliners n love them with my brown eyes.

Love the purple and gold eye makeup!

Ever felt spoiled by choice when trying to choose the right eye shadow? Certain shades flatter your eye color. Use the guide below to make your natural eye color pop! A) Brown Eyes: Use dark shades of.

"The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Jessica Stroup of 90210

Nightmare Before Christmas eyes. Katie Alves is inspired by movie scenes to create super detailed face art. She's super talented.

lighter color shadow inside corner shimmery gold center lid & below bottom lashes brown outlining eye, crease blend and leave outer corner light colored, which opens up the eye and distinguishes top from bottom lashes

Shape Your Eyebrows and Give Your Face an Instant Makeover

beautiful eye makeup tutorial for hazel eyes. your current great thing all about hazel eyes will be The item these are the beautiful eye

Golden Green Look       Using  Urban Decay Ammo Palette      and   Urban Decay Naked Palette                          Buck on the creas...

Makeup for Brown eyes can wear any color eyeshadow, different eyeshades will have different effects. Using a green with gold will bring out the yellow tones in brown eyes and makes them warm.

Grungy, Heavy-Metal, Naked Smokey

12 Easy Prom Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

Spring Serendipity ~ Bows and Curtseys Almay purple amethyst

Eye Makeup Tips-neutral eye with a pop of purple great for brown or hazel eyes

makeup like scarlett johansson

a winged eyeshadow tutorial! courtesy of: Makeup tutorial: Scarlett Johansson for Möet & Chandom

pink black smokey eye shadow makeup

Pink and dark plum eyeshadow with black liner inside the rim. I'd use a different color then pink but this idea looks cool