Don Ameche

Don Ameche

Born Dominic Felix Amici on May 1908 in Kenosha, WI Died Dec. 1993 of prostate cancer in Scottsdale, AZ

Salvatore (Sal) Mineo Jr.Sal was thrown out of parochial school and, by age eight, was a member of a street gang in a tough Bronx neighborhood.Preparing to open the play in Los Angeles in 1976 with Keir Dullea, he returned home from rehearsal the evening of February 12th when he was attacked and stabbed to death by a stranger. A drifter named Lionel Ray Williams was arrested for the crime and, after trial in 1979, convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the murder.

Sal Mineo - One of the first major actors in Hollywood to publicly acknowledge his homosexuality (late and tragically lost

Alan Ladd

Alan Ladd ~ Alan Walbridge Ladd was an American film actor and one of the most popular and well-known celebrities of the and the first half of the His visibility decreased between the and his death.He played in the movie "Shane"

Sir Laurence Olivier

One of the greatest actors of our age. Olivier began his career as a Shakespearean stage actor before coming to cinema. Some of his best known films: Wuthering Heights Rebecca, Hamlet, That Hamilton Woman, Richard III and Spartacus.

Bob Hope, 1903 - 2003

Bob Hope, 1903 - 2003 My mother told me we moved to America because we were to poor to be English.

Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson, born Charles Dennis Buchinsky (November 1921 – August In Bronson enlisted in the United States Army Air Forces and.