DRESSES BY TWIGGY OF LONDON 1967.The Twig feels pampered to pieces in cuddlesome, easy-living wools - all her own selections. Powdery pales, above, melt into a crusader coat-dress of tiny herringbone (with rabbit's hair added). When more coverage is called for, the cowled pink yoke becomes a full-fledged hood (35 dollars).

Known for her doe eyes, thin build, and pixie-like haircut, Twiggy was a legendary fixture of the swinging sixties who helped usher in a new era of female empowerment and streamlined sex appeal.

1960s - the beautiful clean lines of this coat make it a classic you could wear…

The Cutting Class on

Editha Dussler is wearing a sharp green coat with blind closing and giant square-seamed pleats in the back by Stanley Nelson, wide roller by Emme, photo by Irving Penn for Vogue, 1967