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Polyorchis penicillatus - bell medusa

rhamphotheca: Penicillate Jellyfish Read more: Encyclopedia of Life Swimming study: Demont, M. Gosline, J. Mechanics of Jet Propulsion in the Hydromedusan Jellyfish, Polyorchis.

ruineshumaines:  Medusa by Guido Mocafico.

"Fascinantes imágenes de medusas - jellyfish" - except these aren't medusas ~:^]>

Rare Glowing Flower Hat Jellyfish

i didn't type this: Rare Glowing Flower Hat Jellyfish (Osaka Aquarium, Japan.) When it's not using its long, pink tipped tentacles, it will curl them upwards towards its pin-striped bell to sit and wait until some kind of prey comes along.

Can you see the face?

John said of the group of pictures I found this in, "Those are like, the Glamour Shots of jellyfish." All Jellyfish Are Glamorous John.

A Lion's Mane jellyfish feeds on a Moon jellyfish: Mr Semenov says that his extensive knowledge of seasonal conditions in the White Sea help...

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