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Loki and Thor go out for ice cream. Thor also ate a lot more then his little brother. LOVE THIS!!!!!!

Look at all the ice cream Thor ate but gosh I love what Loki said rubbing it in Thors face

Baby Problem: Thor Found Them by SilasSamle on DeviantArt

Baby Problem: Thor Found Them by SilasSamle on DeviantArt<< I WANT THIS TO ACTUALLY HAPPEN! They get tirned to children and the other avengers have to care for them while stark and banner try to fix them.

Dump A Day Funny Pictures - 39 Pics

Funny pictures about Thor. Thor Everywhere. Oh, and cool pics about Thor. Thor Everywhere. Also, Thor. Thor Everywhere.

(Agent of Asgard) Loki & Thor - an old old sketch… :D

Loki is such a rebel (⌐■_■)…. or did he just hit puberty? A little late, huh? Midgard is a bad influence. It’s just a phase, Thor.