Spud Webb (5'3") blocks Manute Bol (7'8") #NBA

Spud Webb and the late Manute Bol. At tall, Bol was one of the tallest players ever to appear in the NBA. Webb was tall, was one of the shortest players in NBA history. Webb is notable for winning a 1986 slam dunk contest despite his size.

Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter in different uniforms

Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter, two high flying cousins (they were on the same team on e before in the Toronto Raptors

Tracy McGrady

The Tracy McGrady Foundation empowers and encourages children through literature.

This picture popped up in my feed and the first thing I saw was the creepy face in his right shoulder.

Cinematic angle/shot: Jay driving to the basket using his left hand. This shot could serve as the inspiration for the final drive to the basket that Jay makes during the "confrontation" scene with Zeke.