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Wooden latch, wooden hinge and wooden box with inlaid herringbone, Cherry, red Oak, white Oak and Black Walnut in a Black Walnut wooden box. [Here is a pretty project for those wanting a lovely box with a nice catch]

Empress Jewelry Box in Walnut

Empress Jewelry Box in Walnut [Pretty box, lots of possibilities, especially in the central drawer.

Wine Gift Box, Rosewood & Black High Gloss Lacquer, so beautiful, inspire your friends and followers interested in luxury interior design, with new trending furniture, home decor and accessories, from Hollywood. Inc Bedroom & Living Room Furniture, Lighting, Wall Mirrors, Home Accessories & Gift Ideas. Over 3,500 inspirations to choose from to share and inspire with our one easy 1 Click Pinterest Pin Button enjoy & happy pinning

Luxury Black High Gloss Banned Wine Gift Box * Available in Rosewood, Walnut, Black, Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf & Various Fashion Colors * Quantity Order Discount Available