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Jelsa Elsa(Frozen/Disney) and Jack Frost(Rise Of The Guardians/DreamWorks) SO beautiful

Jelsa - One Side Love by SeidooReiki.deviantart.com on @deviantART

So this is the one with Elsa and her “ And another one is my Japanese equivalent of Elsa’s “Let It Go”

Hello! 翡冷翠之喵的图片收集录

frozenblume: “ “ Just for this moment As long as you’re mine I’ve lost all resistance And crossed some borderline And if it turns out It’s over too fast I’ll make every last moment last As long as.

Jelsa wedding by jipzuru on tumblr

"So now you're married, Elsa." "Good snow queen cuz I'm not getting anymore exciting." "Is that a test, Jackson Frost?


I Want To Be A Part Of Your World. Let's just let this sink in for a moment<<this is so beautiful yet so sad :'(<<but the fact that she is PREGNANT!

Wow...jack IS really funny!!!

Lol Jack telling Dad jokes, and Elsa actually laughing. So perfect *tears of moe*