Westwood Voyage to Cythera collection, 1989

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Modern Clown :: Harlequin II by *MADmoiselleMeli on deviantART

Modern Clown :: by *MADmoiselleMeli on deviantART

Vivienne Westwood Liberty Knit Corset by MODERNARCHIVEVINTAGE

Liberty Knit Bustier, from the Vivienne Westwood On Liberty collection Autumn/Winter

Ken Vulsion's Tribal Steamroller

Harlequin, from the Vivienne Westwood Voyage to Cythera collection, Autumn/Winter Photograph by Cindy Palmano.

Défilé Vivienne Westwood Printemps-été 2016

Défilé Vivienne Westwood: Printemps-été 2016

Circus performers, 1955.  I love the old school underbelly of yesteryear's circuses.

These vintage shots dug up by How to Be a Retronaut are some of the earlier color photographs of circus folk you’ll ever see. Culled from The Circus Book: they were shot at traveli…

“The only possible effect one can have on the world is through unpopular ideas.”—Vivienne Westwood, designer

Advice on Success Cribbed from the Pages of ELLE Over the Past 25 Years

Freud said life was sex and work. Herewith, some advice on half of the equation, cribbed straight from the pages of ELLE over the past 25 years

Westwood Voyage to Cythera collection, 1989

Vivienne Westwood, "Voyage to Cythera" collection a/w I adore the dress! The model looks like a beautiful clown or an alien princess. Vivienne Westwood is definitely a genius!