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Da bears

'Climbing Lessons', Brown Bear mother and Cubs, photo by Lauri Tammik.

Trepando en familia

tree climbing lesson Photo by Lauri Tammik


My favorite animal ever. And how cute is this, a mama bear and 3 cubs. Like me and my babies:)

Brown Bears... <3

Mama bear with her twin cubs

Мишка косолапый / cute bear – Сообщество – Google+

Alaskan Brown Bear Mother & Cub out & about.

Grizzly in the candy store - Photo and Comment by Robert McRae: Inland Grizzly Bears wake from hibernation very hungry and immediately begin to eat large quantities of grasses and plants, which make.

What a handful

Baby Bears and Mom.

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Mother Grizzly Bear feeding her Baby Cubs - Totally Adorable!

bear-cubs-smoky-mountains.....adorable to watch (from a distance, lol)

I was riding my bike around Cades Cove Loop, rounding a curve and there in the road was a mama black bear and her two cubs!Two black bear cubs in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park!

Niedźwiedź brunatny– gatunek drapieżnego ssaka z rodziny niedźwiedziowatych. Zamieszkuje Azję, Europę Północną i Amerykę Północną.Sierść niedźwiedzia brunatnego ma barwę ciemnobrązową, choć niektóre jego podgatunki mogą mieć futro jaśniejsze. W pozycji wyprostowanej Ursus arctos mierzy – w zależności od płci – od 1,8 m do 3 m. Masa ciała poszczególnych osobników waha się między 200 a 780 kg.

Grizzly bear, brown bear, very big, scary bear.



harvestheart:  Finnish bears. Photographer Valtteri Mulkahainen

Finnish photographer Valtteri Mulkahainen’s photos of bear cubs playing 'Ring around the Rosie' in Suomussalmi, north-eastern Finland, were picked up by the US paper Daily News.

Мишки, такие разные...

Photo “Cuddle” by Marina Cano :) Brown Grizzly Bears animal photography wildlife

janetmillslove: “Brown Bear with Cubs moment love ”

Brown bears in the forest. I love the color combination. Teal and green meets the warm brown bears.


18 imagenes impactantes!! Para reflexionar

As we melt our ice caps and the ice where these wonderful creatures live disappears, then polar bears will simply become extinct. The human race has much to answer for when it comes to how our actions effect the other creatures on the planet.