1955 children's Book. Illustration by Milli Eaton

10 Things I Love Friday 26/03/2011

The Happy Little Handsaw, 1955 - Only in the would they publish a children's book about a handsaw

Childs Garden of Verses Robert Louis Stevenson Alice & Martin Provensen Big Golden Book Poetry Poems Picture Book CrabbyCats, Crabby Cats

A Child's Garden of Verses Robert Lewis Stevenson pictures by Alice and Martin Provensen Simon and Schuster, 195 1 I could wax po.

orange you lucky!: gardens love warm summer rain . . .

Gardens Love Warm Summer Rain - limited edition giclee print of an original illustration x 10 in) Helen Dardik print.

The Hedgehog and the Bear by Károly Reich (1922~1988)

- Károly Reich was an Hungarian artist best known for his children's book illustrations and poster designs.

45 Cute Illustration By Skinny Andy

FUNNY BUNNY 1978 Little Golden Book by Rachel Learnard Illustrated by Alice & Martin Provensen Board Book First Edition at seasidecollectibles.

childhood colors - feels all golden and happy. "Little Golden Circus" (2014) - Joey Chou

"Little Golden Circus" (2014) my piece for the Tribute to Little... (Joey Chou)