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Lilac funghi

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American Caesar's Mushroom, Amanita caesarea, Oak Ridge, TN (Haw Ridge Park, August 16, 2009

Bright Red Caps on White Stems - American Caesar's Mushroom (Amanita caesarea)

Mycena pura, commonly known as the lilac bonnet ~  By tormento

Mycena Pura , Commonly Known as the Lilac Bonnet. By Tormento and Estasi Unknown.

Russula virescens...a seriously tasty 'safe' mushroom!

Green Cracking Russula (Russula Virescens) Edible with caution.

Lepista sp. mushrooms, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Lilac Blewit - Lepista sublilacina Lepista sublilacina (Tricholomataceae) is a medium sized fungus native to Australia, with a beautiful lilac or lavender color. The gills are pale pinkish when the.

This is a gorgeous shot of a Leratiomyces fungus taken by Steve Axford

is a new species from Australia. It was first discovered on New Caledonia and then on Lord Howe Island, but this is the first in Australia.