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Stunning One-Eyed Cat Who Loves Swimming And Surfing In Hawaii

This is Kuli. He's a one-eyed surfing cat, and he's cooler than most of us.

((open RP pretend cat is neko)) I smiled at the little neko. It looked up at me and stood up. "Where's my goodnight kiss?" he/she asked sadly.

This Island In Japan Is Amazing. If You Love Cats, You Have To See This.

No one at the shelter understood why a cat named Lou couldn't find a home. When a family finally took a chance on the sweet kitty, they knew that Lou is meant for someone very special.          Lorca Animal         Lou came to the Lorca Animal, a rescue group in Lorca, Spain, hoping for a second cha...

The Joy When Girl with Special Needs Cuddles Shelter Cat No One Else Wanted

If only ...

20 Weird Facts About Cats You Probably Didn’t Know

Lucy the blind cat poses for a quick snap with her dog toy.

Melanie Griffith Grew Up With Lions http://avaxnews.net/wow/melanie_griffith_grew_up_with_lions.html

Melanie Griffith with the family pet lion, Neil ~ May 1971 (photo by Michael Rougier)