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Mackenzie Childs CORSAGE PET COLLAR Upscale Tartan Size LARGE Art To Wear NEW

Mackenzie Childs Corsage Pet Collar Upscale Tartan Size Small Art to Wear New

Coolest Pit Bull Brothers Ever #pitbull

Coolest Pit Bull Brothers Ever #pitbull

libres!!  #animalparty14

libres!! #animalparty14

via @KaufmannsPuppy

via @KaufmannsPuppy

Labrador mix puppy #cutestdogsandpuppies

Labrador mix puppy #cutestdogsandpuppies

Who's happy? :-)

22 Of The Cutest Things On The Internet

Pets bring such JOY to a family. And having a loving home & family brings such JOY to a pet. Every pet who is sitting in a shelter deserves to know what that kind of joy feels like.and they deserve to be loved!

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Sweet face beautiful PitBull with an adorable pittie stuffed animal!

Children need pets!! I feel sorry for children who's parents have denied them a chance to experience the kind of love you can only get and give from a loving pet!!

9 Heartwarming Photos Proving That Kids Need Pets.

Why Kids Need Pets. I don't care who you are this is sweet and pets make the perfect best friend/ body guard for children.

T-shirt. I want this!

"Rescued" is my favorite breed! All our pets are rescue animals and they are our favorite breeds and wonderfully loving fur-babies.

** >´-´<

I love this picture! Makes me want to run out and get the kids a pet.not that I will but I still love this picture!

Mutual Pillow funny picture

Funny pictures about Mutual pillow. Oh, and cool pics about Mutual pillow. Also, Mutual pillow.

On the 9th day God looked upon his wide eyed children & said they need a companion, so God made a dog

On the day God looked upon his wide eyed children said they need a companion, so God made a dog

I use this every time to calm my dog. It really works!

For calming dogs: 1 drop Peace and Calming essential oil blend 1 drop Lavender oil 1 drop Roman Chamomile drops carrier oil (organic olive oil works great) Apply this mixture behind your dog’s ears, on his pads, you can also put some on the bandana a


"Why isn't Princess muzzled? I love both of the texts! and I love pit bulls .every single one I know is sweet.they need to muzzle those monsters that abuse them not the Pit bulls!