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Frozen/KH: To Protect by Medli45.deviantart.com on @deviantART << Awesome comic. I seriously hope to see this in Kingdom Hearts III.

Frozen/KH: To Protect. This is a crossover I will accept that involves frozen.

Sora ladder

Kingdom Hearts, the different versions of Sora. They're missing lion Sora from the Pride Lands, but still super cool :)

Kingdom Hearts

By far one of my favorite quotes

The closer you get to the light, the larger your shadow becomes - Kingdom Hearts.i really like this quote. It's almost like "the closer you get to your breakthrough the more bad stuff you leave behind"

Re: Coded wasn't much in terms of plot development, but this scene was really moving to me, even if it was between two data versions of the real people

Might be Sora and Axel but I'm pretty sure it's Roxas and Axel>> Kingdom Hearts

'I have to get stronger, stronger than him. If I make it by myself, next time we can make it together.'

I would like to see a KH/DBZ crossover where both kids look up to either Goku or Vegeta. And Vegeta would become a heartless, but a special heartless to where his pride allows him to control his now Heartless body.