Cletus Farns, Leader of the Hellions (biker gang who secretly support the Black Star Cult)

More Character Art! Also what is your runner's leitmotif? - Album on Imgur

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Hank the Hawk. His eyes see everything that goes on in this shit hole.he says he knows where Katie is.that squirelly bastard better be telling the truth.

Ride To Hell Concept Work

Travis is a happy go lucky kind of man. He's always got a joke ready and he curtenly lightens the mood at the truck stop.

Character Art: SciFi/Modern Fantasy

Jin-Rio - Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ Beginner Game - AD Zoë Robinson {Fantasy Flight Games}

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render of a sister of battle from warhammer of war. you can see how the battle armour makes her seem powerful yet the armour also shows off her features, making a beautiful yet deadly character.