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I think this is my favorite quote...

“The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Panic! At The Disco wallpapers, requested by anonymous.

This is gospel lyrics

The fear of falling apart, and truth be told I never was yours.the fear the fear of falling apart>>this is gospel, panic at the disco


The fear of falling apart. And truth be told I never was yours. The fear, the fear of falling apart. -This is Gospel Panic! At the Disco

pinterest: sparkelmestuff

pinterest: sparkelmestuff

This is cRiNge but I'll post it.....

At The Disco fucks with our brains we can never write tragedies again ; (jk I love P!

I love this when it mentions #Ryden!! XD <3

He is my musical hero! Well, one of at least.) Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco.