Fritillaire Imperiale

Yellow Imperial Fritillary, Imperial Crown by Pierre-Joseph Redoute. Redoute was the official court artist to Queen Marie Antoinette and lived between 1759 and 1840

Botanical Hydrangea Paintings | Chirat Hydrangea & Jasmine Botanical Illustration - Pink Flower ...

1800s Hydrangea & Jasmine Art Print - Botanical Illustration- Benoit Chirat French- Pink Green White Flowers - Floral Art- 14 1/8" x 10 3/8"

Aeschynanthus speciosus, Showy Aeschynanthus. Curtis's Botanical Magazine, Plate 4320 (Volume_73,_1847)

Aeschynanthus speciosus (Showy Aeschynanthus) - by William Jackson Hooker from ''Curtis's Botanical Magazine'', Volume

~ MON PLAISIR ~ Вещи для души. Винтаж,Прованс.

cereus altissimus - high resolution image from old book.

O Botânico Aprendiz na Terra dos Espantos: Ilustrações botânicas* (II)

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Une pensée sauvage, Pierre-Joseph Redouté

(Savage Minds is pleased to run this interview with Kirin Narayan as part of our Writers’ Workshop series. Kirin is currently professor in the School of Culture, History and Language at Austr…


Paper White Daffodil Print (Botanical Illustration) by Pierre Joseph Redoute. The daffodil is my birth month flower, it isn't my favourite flower, but it signifies spring.