Artificial Anatomy es un proyecto hecho por una persona que es diseñador, director de arte, fotógrafo. Trata de utilizar un cráneo humano como lienzo, la p

Anatomía artificial, el cráneo como lienzo

Poor paint on someone wearing a green screen suit. - Artificial Anatomy by Paul Hollingworth

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More than a ship in a bottle, an entire storm and sufferer. They look like something that would be fantastic to have as a home decoration, if such things existed. Such a cool idea and I love how they were able to capture that true storm effect in the jar

25 Mind Blowing Photo Manipulations by Michael Oswald.  The gradation of the woman becoming united with the background is beautiful. I like how the gold is dripping down her hands and ads a lot of texture and the extra shines off of her face really make the picture

Photo Manipulations and Digital Art by Michael Oswald. Michael Oswald is a digital artist with a unique style. His technique involves a combination of phot

El viento y la lluvia me borraron como a un fuego, como a un poema escrito en un muro. Alejandra Pizarnik

Giorgia Napoletano is an Italian photographer/photo-manipulator who blends dark themes of body metamorphosis and obscure digital alterations. Despite her young age and entering college, she’s been pub (Mix Colors Art)

Digital Swirly Generation

Amazing illustrations and graphic designs by Alberto Seveso Based in Rome, Alberto Seveso has a passion for illustration, digital art and fashion. This italian artist creats amazing portraits mixing photography with illustration in a very unique way.

The Imagination Of Jati Putra

The imagination can be a powerful and compelling force. Indonesian based graphic designer Jati Putra uses digital photo manipulation techniques to turn his creative vision into two dimension realities. The results are dramatic and utterly striking!

►Terapia Las Dimensiones. Sanación con Energía a Distancia.  A través de la energía de esta Terapia te traslada a cada una de las 7 dimensiones donde se genera la vida humana, corrigiendo aspectos emocionales, fisiológicos y de creatividad. ‪#‎NoSeEspanteLaFotoEsPuraDramatizacion‬ ► Luz Duarte. Asesor de Vida con Arcángeles.

Surrealist psychological horror art photography to challenge your imagination. Photographer Ross Brown works in the integration of photography and digital art processing to evoke a psychological response by Patty PJ