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Rock concert audience evolution

Rock concert audience evolution (but I think that the "rock on" symbol was actually from the

Vignette Epiche: Albero di natale

WATER / what a ( plonker ) ps at least he could get his wife WET for the first time since returning home from their honeymoon sex years ago / oops = SIX not sex years ago !


it took me longer than 30 seconds to figure this out. if u need help figuring out what it is, the navy blue shirt girl is riding on the white shirt girl and the white shirt girl is in a really weird position, now u are thinking about how u didn't see that

Dave Coverly, the creative mind behind this one-panel comic strip, says Speed Bump depicts the "movie of life.

il Sicario

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Coppie iperconnesse e in crisi: la tecnologia è tossica nei rapporti?

Funny pictures about Meaningful communication. Oh, and cool pics about Meaningful communication. Also, Meaningful communication.

Red and blue don’t make orange. Myapokalips spiega come funziona il metodo di colore RGB con la simpatica vignetta “Red and blue don’t make orange”.

The name of RGB comes from the initials of the three additive primary colors, Red, Green, and Blue. Now Blue and Red get married, however their baby is Orange.

Horror Movie

Horror Movie The ultimate animal horror film. Oy Vey, if you're Jewish, definitely no on the bacon.

Vignette Epiche: Tragiche disattenzioni

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Madge figured if her upper arm was gonna flap, she might as well make patriotic use of it - tattoo humor

Fresh Memes Today!#10 The Most Photogenic Family Member.

It& a sad story. A dice in a There is a spider in my mailbox. A good gift for grandma: Exercise blocklolsuperfails Hire taller staff! Dog shaming Awesome hotel special request box when reserving.