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Wallpaper Todayz (Update Everyday): Wallpaper What Does the Fox Say? by Anders Haukland - Image Today

Gray fox is mainly distinguished from most other canids by its grizzled upper parts, strong neck and black-tipped tail, while the skull can be easily distinguished from all other North American canids by its widely separated temporal ridges that form a U-shape.

The subtly colored Gray Fox. These beautiful foxes are native to 12 countries ranging from southern Canada to Venezuela and Columbia. They can be found throughout the United States, except in the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains.

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Kidding The Kidder Photo by Tom Charles -- National Geographic Your Shot

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I seriously want a pet fox.no joke. But it would be to cruel to keep a wild animal. What a sweet familiar to have

A curious cross fox kit pops its head out from the tall grass. The cross fox is a red fox, however, it is a partially melanistic color variant, giving it black markings mixed with the typical red fur.