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invaded Middle Earth, would an Apache helicopter be able to defeat a fire-breathing dragon?


I wanted to share with you the latest work I have been involved in. These are a series of dragons for Final Sword Productions board game Battle Skies Dragons.

18738-1-1344700610.jpg (1260×524)

18738-1-1344700610.jpg (1260×524)

I've made some adjustments to the Fire Dragon artwork I posted a while ago. More fire and more dragons! Draco Ignis (commonly known as the Fire Dragon).

Fire breathing dragon Fantasy HD desktop wallpaper, Dragon wallpaper - Fantasy no.

It has a hell lot of detail, so please be patient. All I can say is that after 4 days of work I've managed to finish the dragon head.

The red dragon is known as the king of the chromatic dragons, and few creatures can match its cruelty. All red dragons can breath fire, and as they age, they gain more and more control over flames. The oldest are even able to take control of an enemy spel

Red dragon

Pose: Pathfinder red dragon- flame distracts from his little legs and balances the tail. I actually really love this pose as it is both tail down + obviosuly dynamically in flight.

Dragons wallpaper

Page of Kerem Beyit (kerembeyit) digital artist. His tag cloud and gallery of pictures. Over 66 artworks from portoflio.

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