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Wild Air Plant . Marimo Moss Ball . Unique Terrarium

Biosphere terrarium with marimo moss and air plants


A Lord of the Rings, Hobbit-inspired Terrarium.

French press re-purposed as a terrarium, would be cute in a kitchen windowsill.

French Press Repurposed as a Terrarium

This time Ive used an old coffee plunger to create some de(er)caffeinated coffee- mind the pun.Using an unusual or common household item as opposed to a jar can instantly make a terrarium more interesting. Terrarium and photography by Zik

Cloche gardens

Cloche - Bell Jar :: moss and ferns under glass - balcony gardener

These nano Marimos who are content to be their fuzzy little selves all day long.

19 Tiny Plants To Cheer Up Your Sad Work Desk

Lucky Cat Marimo Moss Balls Maneki Neko Nano Aquarium by TyberKatz. I wonder if goldfish would like this environment?

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Terrarium light with bonzai tree

Habitat with marimo (living algae balls), plants and shrimp | 3 Baby Marimo Moss Balls Live Aquarium Plant Java Shrimps Fish Tank Java 3 | eBay

3 BABY Marimo Moss Balls live aquarium plant java shrimps fish tank java 3

3 Baby Marimo moss balls live aquarium plant - So cute : )

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Marimo Moss Balls with Moss on Top Unique Mini Terrarium

Big Decanter Live Marimo Ball Zen Pet Terrarium by MyZen on Etsy

Do this but use the empty wine bottles from Orfilia winery or the tequila bottle with the tent of blue

Marimo pet Moss Ball Living Water Terrarium Japanese by MossTerrariums, $37.00

Marimo pet Moss Ball Living Water Terrarium Japanese by MossTerrariums,