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Come uso il telaino T3 Campero 2/2.

Come uso il telaino Campero

Connaissez-vous la propolis ? Utilisée depuis l'Antiquité, cette substance produite par les abeilles recèle d'impressionnantes vertus santé.

Propolis : le secret santé de la ruche

Unfortunately, over time some of us develop the annoying habit of snoring. We're trying to help with our list of the 9 best ways to stop snoring.

Der Frühling naht im Sauseschritt. #Frühling #Bienen #Imker #Bees #Beuten #Honey #Buckfast #Würselen #Aachen #Twitter TwitterName: @AC_Bienenfreund

Der Frühling naht im Sauseschritt. #Frühling #Bienen #Imker #Bees #Beuten #Honey #Buckfast #Würselen #Aachen #Twitter TwitterName: @AC_Bienenfreund

blue honey - the legend of the Carolinas

Beekeepers in the Alsace region of France have discovered a bee colony that has been eating M candy waste which has made their honey blue and green.

Don't Let Anyone but a Bee Sting You

Don't Let Anyone but a Bee Sting You and I was stung by a human one

Crazy Beez and Sunflower Painted Beehive Box by IzzabellaBeez

Crazy Bees Beehive Box for Honey Bees, Custom Painted Beekeeping Bee Equipment

Honey bee making wax ~ fascinating! Honeybees are born with 8 bits of wax on their tummies. They chew them to form the wax needed to build honeycomb on which the bees live.

Honey bees have 8 pockets on their belly where glands secrete wax. When the liquid cools the bee uses her foot to grab a scale and then chews it to shape it to make combs.