Non poteva mancare ! Liz univa un colore degli occhi inusuale ad una grande espressività ( e bellezza...of course ! )

Elizabeth Taylor back when. In her day, she was the most beautiful actress in Hollywood with her bright violet eyes and dark hair.

Greta Garbo ~ "Is there anything better than to be longing for something, when you know it is within reach?"

30 Inspiring Quotes From Old Hollywood's Top Leading Ladies

Elizabeth Taylor was a Hollywood legend, one of the world's most famous women--remembered for her eight marriages, her acting skills and beauty, vast jewellery collection, multiple illnesses and flamboyant lifestyle. Born in London but raised in the old Hollywood studio system, this British Dame is also one of the few who can justly be called Hollywood "royalty."

Elizabeth Taylor, Marriages and Movies

Elizabeth Taylor JUST FOR THE FACE ALONE - my favorite photo is from a Life mag issue where she has her hair up in a pink twisted towel, next to no makeup and THOSE violet eyes.( if you find it pls pin it here for me). RP by Linda Hammerschmid

Greta Garbo

Mata Hari (Greta Garbo), picture from the series Mata Hari by George Fitzmaurice, LUMAS Artist ✓

Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo

Not everything has to change....

Our list of style icon& continue with the real-life princess Grace Kelly. Although she died of a car crash in fashion& love affair with her endures as her style is recreated across the glob.