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Franchot Tone

Franchot Tone, born in my home town!

Franchot Tone went into movies for MGM, making his film debut in The Wiser Sex (1932). Tone became one of the most talented movie actors in Hollywood.

Franchot Tone, actor, married 4 times to different actresses~Joan Crawford, Jean Wallace to name a few.(Advise and Consent, Mutiny On The Bounty)

dolores dorn & franchot tone - #4

dolores dorn & franchot tone - #4

bathtubginjazz:  Franchot Tone

bathtubginjazz: Franchot Tone

Franchot Tone (1905-1968)

Franchot Tone (1905-1968)

BEST ACTOR NOMINEE: Franchot Tone for "The Mutiny on the Bounty".

Academy Awards - March Franchot Tone nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for "Mutiny on the Bounty"

Remembering Franchot Tone www.franchottone.blogspot.com

Remembering Franchot Tone www.franchottone.blogspot.com

Actor Franchot Tone, February 27, 1905 - September 18, 1968

Franchot TONE NF * AFI Top Actor nominee > Notable Films: Mutiny on the Bounty The Lives of a Bengal Lancer Dangerous Five Graves to Cairo Phantom Lady

Franchot Tone.....1905 - 1968

Franchot Tone, born of money and he had an education in all thing finer.

Happy Birthday Franchot Tone (February 27, 1905 – September 18, 1968)  I ADORED HIM

Franchot Tone wasn't the best actor but he was suave