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* Israel is the ONLY country we are not allowed to criticize, and writers who HATE the USA can have best sellers in NYC publishing, and Hollywood film deals...it is TIME the USA military woke up and asked WHY....

I hate when someone thinks they can hurt others just because they got hurt. I mean the whole holocaust drama ASSUMING it actually happened. It does not give them the right to treat palestinians like this in addition to taking their land !

Abby Martin with Ahed Tamimi, a Spirit That Can't Be Jailed - YouTube

Abby Martin with Ahed Tamimi, a Spirit That Can't Be Jailed - YouTube

Mustadafin World Front - I acknowledge apartheid exists (2)

The anti-Zionist group "I acknowledge apartheid exists" gathered some posters of the people why are against Israel.

Now, this is no way to be treated! How does she deserve this! Why is humanity harming one another?! Think of it from your perspective! Do you want to be treated like this, what if someone were to do this to you! What is this!??

A very popular Pin among the "Free Palestine/Evil Israel"Pinners,for obvious reasons.However,"real" story is,of course uncredited and unsourced.Not to be found(as actual reported news story),at least via Internet search.probably inauthentic.

#freepalestine * Google the Greater Israel Map Plan and you will know why anti-Israel people are now called anti-semites and harassed for their jobs, good names, etc..The USA military learns about this, the Map has been planned 100 years..!*

Another Show the US governement that their own citizens do not agree with them!

Happens very often!

Omar Goldman, daughter of former Mossad (israeli intelligence) chief deputy. Stood up against the israeli regime because of the horror she witnessed.

No word needed !

This is why Muslims want Israel---it's civilized and therefore ready to be invaded/looted.

Because children have become an increasing threat to netenyahu and his Zionist movement. Grow up Netenyahu! Pick on people your own size!

“ What about palestinian children and their right to live in peace in their land?

Kid Helping A Smaller Child

These 17 Kids Had Me In Stitches With Their Adorable Antics

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