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deer family

32 Beautiful Photos of Animal Kingdom

Farm Inspirations on Handmade Childhoods: The Blog by Fleur + Dot Fashion Fun DIY Home Play Food HandmadeChildhoods.com

Group Shot - Llama, sheep, Scottish highland cow, goat, and Polish chicken animal portrait

Gorgeous deer

MEN who break for paws are a turn on & must be rewarded! A family picture of deers on the road in the dark of the night. Sweet deers, be a sweet man.

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I saw a buck when I was a kid. I wouldn't want to mess with those antlers, but damn, these deer can be beautiful

Baby Deer No. 2

Baby Deer No. 2

Look no further than this Sharon Montrose Baby Deer No. 2 edition (you may notice Lauren's wall had another one from

Maned Wolf (Animals you probably didn't know existed) | This "wolf" looks like it was crossed with a deer. Such irony! |

The Maned Wolf is the largest canid in South America, resembling a large fox with reddish fur. This mammal is found in open and semi-open habitats, especially grasslands with scattered bushes and trees throughout South America. The maned wolf is the tall