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16 Moments About Animal Parenting – Creative Picture & Digital Photography Idea - DIY Craft

Mom & Babies

[Egyptian Goose and Goslings]-"Now just beast careful goslin's; we be famous cuz of our ancestors.

just ducky

e have a large duck pond behind our house with Aylesbury Ducks.we hear the quack quack quack nice and early in the morning!


My webs hurt. Stop flogging me! My pin feathers itch. Why is water blue? What's that funny smell? Duckling curiosity for you. I love muscovies.

Sweet Little Duckling Twins. This reminds me of the two baby ducks my brother and me had when we were little. Set them free in the park when grown.

so cute, i go to lake Michigan all the time and i see a lot of baby ducks so cute

Something's not quite right...

Mom Duck With Her Ducklings ~ The Yellow Duckling Saying ~ "Well! I guess I'm the 'yellow' sheep of THIS family!

Aunts are the best!

Our broody Indian Runner duck, Bluebill, hatched out one baby the day before Mother's Day. At one day old he was the cutest thing in the wor.

Welcome to Our Pad by imagerybykimberly on Etsy, $5.00

Duckling on the right: "Donald! being carried downstream on this large leaf!" (Written By: © Lynn Chateau.

** "Me wantz to goes swimmin'." - [" We kin goes, right after bill count."

* * DUCKLING: " Me wantz to goes swimmin'." [MOM: "Az a duck, yer gonna be in de water every day. We kin goes, rightz after me takes beak count.