Canadian Timber Wolf - by: [Rudy in Ottawa]

Canadian Timber Wolf by Rudy in Ottawa*. (KO) Note the lowered head and back away. Not looking for trouble but go away, human.

Canadian timber wolf

Name: Silver Female No Mate or Pups Rank: Aid Personalities: calm, caring, mysterious and helpful Siblings: Moon, Night.

Fotografia di Cesar Aristeiguieta

Lupi in cattività in un ranch a Kalispell, Montana. Un giovane maschio (a sinistra) sfida il maschio alfa. "Nonostante i momenti di tensione e pericolo, i guardiani sono riusciti a separarli", riferisce il fotografo.

Sparring Wolves Photograph by Cesar Aristeiguieta, Your ShotA very large juvenile male (white) challenges the alpha male (gray) for control of the wolf pack. Although it faced a formidable challenger, the alpha prevailed … for now.


Amur Leopard by Big Cat Photography. The rarest big cat in the world, on the edge of extinction in the wild, due to habitat loss and poaching, for their magnificent fur.