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I will never be too old for Disney! I am going to Disney for my birthday so of course I'll never be to old for Disney!

Why Frozen Rules Over Other Fairy Tales…

"When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales. and he has perfect hair" - Taylor Swift quote in Disney's Frozen

Feels good to be a gangster

I didn't choose the Disney Life, The Disney Life chose me.Disney is amazing


Funny pictures about How kids should learn the alphabet. Oh, and cool pics about How kids should learn the alphabet. Also, How kids should learn the alphabet.


The age is just a little off but that is so true. "Adults Are Only Kids Grown Up.

a girl's  moto....... inspiring

Disney princess new year challenge - to accomplish each new Disney movie challenge

:) no matter how old I get, I will ALWAYS love Disney!! :)

A true Disney fan...

Omygosh all of them are SO TRUE! Especially that red head one ;) I am a true Disney kid at heart always have been always will be