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Undertale boyfriend scenarios - Start dating (Updated Version)(now w/Ecto-belly!!)

Sans and Grillby - comic

grillby being constantly annoyed with Sans for never paying his tab but also being there for him when he's shitfaced drunk and having an existential crisis is my aesthetic

Undertale comic - hahaha - sans and papyrus - impasta

Undertale comic - hahaha - sans and papyrus - impasta << I like to imagine Sans ordered Papyrus some punny dish like “All the Pastabilities” (spaghetti with all the trimmings maybe?) and Papy very reluctantly enjoying it.

Looking a lil rattled by CaptainClovey on DeviantArt

Undertale sans papyrus undyne frisk>>>that total Steven Universe reference didn't go unnoticed!

xharuki: “ W E . A L L . F A L L . D O W N Asriel & Chara , Undertale © Toby Fox Art © xharuki ”

My name is rose and my friends sing that song a lot when I'm around XD I love them so much

Então... esse é o aviso. Deixem o Sans longe de mim *-*

If I met Sans from Undertail. Except I'd probably be the same hight as him!

Papyrus and Sans - comic

Papyrus you precious little muffin you deserve BETTER because you are cool and amazing and did I mention cool?

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Opinion time~ I love Undertale now. Genocide too). Thank you Undertale, teaching me that.